Cheryl James
Project Manager

Cheryl is Tandem Senior Living Advisor’s project manager bringing more than a decade of experience to the team. She is a creative and strategic marketing agency professional with success in building and maintaining positive working relationships. Cheryl has spent most of her career managing key client accounts across diverse industries and collaborating with internal/external teams and supplier partners to implement marketing strategies and execute campaigns. Her main role at Tandem Senior Living Advisors is keeping the Creative Services team on task, on deadline and ensuring first-rate work for our clients. She works closely with the executive creative director, senior art director and digital content manager to achieve this. She holds a bachelor degree from Salem College in art history and religion.


I believe it takes effective communication, establishing trust and building solid relationships, providing top-of-the-line client service, the ability to adapt to ever-changing demands and prioritizing multiple competing deadlines to ensure projects and campaigns are successfully brought in on brand, on time, and on budget.


I am passionate about exceeding clients’ expectations and being part of a strong, inspiring team that turns ideas into realities and strives to create a positive impact on the lives of others.

Three must haves if I were stranded on a desert island
  1. My family (includes four-legged members)
  2. Music/easel/art supplies
  3. Hot sauce (the spicier, the better)


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